And welcome to the home of FitER, we are a family health company with a passion and drive to bring good health and a feeling of wellness to all that we meet. 

FitER is a company based on strong core values of Fun, inclusivity, a sense of togetherness, where both men and women are empowered in their health and wellbeing and relationships are at the centre of our work but also your lives!

We strive to bring current and up to date knowledge and understanding of both physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing and offer you this is a variety of ways!

So from Suzanne and Chris, the founders of the FitER movement we invite you to take a look and explore the world of FitER!

Did you know there is a FitER Health Club for Women based in Plympton, Devon?

Did you know that FitER offers a Weight loss and Fitness programme that can be completed online or with us here at the health club?








Did you know that at FitER we also offer holistic services such as Nutritional therapy and a range of clean, natural supplements to support your health?


Who is FitER for?

It’s for you!

True we have a ladies health club and membership is exclusive for women but we also work with the MS society, local cancer patients, arthritis patients, sufferers of fibromyalgia and many other health conditions who are men and women!

Men and Women who:
  • Don’t have time to hit the gym and need an online solution
  • Who need help to create a healthier eating routine for the family
  • Who are looking for a personal weight loss coach because nothing seems to work
  • Who have become injured or have a medical condition and want a 1-1 approach to recovery
  • Suffer with aches and pains or injuries and require injury massage therapy
  • Who want a kick start to their health and fitness with early morning workouts and eating plans to get them back into shape and on the road to better health.
Women who:
  • Are looking for somewhere welcoming, friendly and fun to workout with other women
  • Feel that they can’t exercise because of their current fitness, health or weight and need a more specialist approach
  • Want to do fun and friendly fitness classes
  • Who maybe have a bad back, sore knees, bad neck or other physical reason that has stopped you before and now you want to take control and improve your health
  • Who want to lose weight and need regular support along the way
  • Who are looking to meet new friends and join a community of truly amazing women
  • Like to have balance, enjoy a cuppa and a chat, who want to be more social, who want to belong.
    Personal Training Sessions are always full of laughter
So take a look around Fit-ER.com and peek at the services we offer, read some of our articles or try
some of our recipes.
If you would like to get in touch with us, ask us a health question (we answer these on our facebook page) or anything else please do get in touch on the form below!


4 Replies to “FitER”

  1. I lost 2 stone in 9 weeks following this programme. I’ve tried every diet in the book but this isn’t a diet you are given the tools to create a healthier happier and fitter you! I would seriously recommend this to anyone wishing to lose weight whilst eating good wholesome foods not a “diet product in sight” no low fat high sugar foods but clean foods that nourishe your body, add to this a weekly exercise plan and 6 daily 4 minute work outs and the results are awesome! What have you got to lose …. except the weight?

  2. Simply THE BEST. I wouldn’t go to any other “normal” gym. Chris and Suzanne Hubble and their team are just wonderful and make each and every one of us feel special. There are a huge variety of classes, circuits and motability exercises to choose from, and they listen to everyone’s suggestions/ideas/worries/concerns. More like a family to be honest – and they really do know their stuff. Very motivational and caring and always willing to help. Best “GYM” ever. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit and have plenty of fun doing so. I used to make excuses not to go to a gym, but since joining FitER I don’t!

  3. If you are looking for a friendly ladies only gym then this is the place for you! No lycra clad youngsters parading in front of the mirrors (there are actually no mirrors) just a lovely bunch of ladies in all shapes, sizes and ages working to the same goal of losing weight and getting fit. The owners Chris and Suzanne are super helpful and work with you to create a programme designed for you, they know all the ladies by name and you can see they enjoy helping you to achieve what you’ve set out to do.
    I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a friendly family run gym where you can enjoy your workout with no one looking down st you because you have weight to lose.

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