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FitER Health and Wellbeing

At FitER we create a culture where health and wellbeing are considered as one, where diet, fitness, mindfulness and relaxation are all considered key components of being well.

We consider individuals in the whole sense, you are not just on a diet, you don’t just go to the gym, you are complete and so your health and wellbeing should be considered with such an approach.


Ladies only gym

Providing unique coaching led services based at our FitER HQ; FitER Health Club we provide a woman only gym experience.

Health Supplements

The FitER Supplements range complements the work we do both our ladies only gym but also in our coaching and online programmes.

Online weight loss

Online services include 1-1 coaching which provides a unique level of support, accountability and development and is extremely valuable for those wanting dedicated support. Our group services include the online FitERin6 programme and our online weight loss club.

Corporate wellness

Corporate clients are welcome in the FitER Family and through our experience in senior leadership we work with company leaders to create a cultural shift in the company, whereby staff wellbeing is a core value, initiatives and behaviours are lead from the top and time is given to the promotion and improvement of staff wellbeing.


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