Who said you can’t exercise?

Try FitER Health Club with this free 3 day gym pass. An all Ladies health Club!

Joining the gym is not all about hot and sweaty workouts, for some the real value is staying mobile, maintaining weight, staying active with medical conditions or even maintaining independence as we gracefully age!

Our unique Get Active circuit brings this highly social, effective and enjoyable option to those who would normally never step foot into a gym!

These motor assisted machines are perfect because you can either allow your body to move with the machine or resist against them, gaining valuable movement in joints, improving blood flow and circulation whilst gaining the many benefits of regular exercise.

Totally NO IMPACT!

Lorraine enjoying the motorised cycle machine to get her heart rate pumping and staying healthy.
Managing illness with exercise is completely doable with the Motorised circuit. Check out Lucy here maintaining flexibility in her lower back whilst toning her waist!
We are really Proud of our amazing member Jill, kicked butt in Cardiac rehab and now keeping that vital organ healthy whilst feeling safe and supported.

And for those wanting something a little more we have light resistance training, just take a look at Dorean!  She will be celebrating her 87th Birthday this year and nothing is stopping her!

Doreen uses the club 3 times  a week which means that she no longer needs to use her walker frame and can stay independent and have a better quality of life. Plus she joins us for a cuppa and a chat after her workout, we are always good for a chit-chat.

“But I am too unfit to join a gym”

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you are ready to feel healthier we can help you get there!

“I’m too overweight to exercise, my joints can’t handle it”

The very best thing you can do for your joints IS exercise, and you are in luck because our coaches are on hand to give you all the support you need. In fact, we believe that you should have complete access to experts that you will receive regular personal training programmes, rehab programmes when you need them, 1-1 coaching, nutritional guidance and support and can ask the team for assistance any time you like and we won’t charge you a penny extra!

“I just don’t have time!”

Don’t we know it, managing a business, having a young family, school runs, kids clubs, keeping on top of the house work…. some days I just wonder how on earth I manage! We absolutely understand which is why you can get the benefits for you health, your happiness, your waistline and more from just 2 or 3 30 minute workouts each week!

Of course once you start to feel better and enjoy the changes that regular exercise brings to how you manage stress, your stamina and physical fitness you may well decide that you want to workout for a little longer which is totally fine.

The question you  simply have to ask is ” Is my health important enough to schedule in 30 minutes of me time?” I bet the answer is yes!

W would love to show you how easy it is to be fitter, stronger, leaner, how easy it is to get active when you think you can’t, when you think an illness will stop you, your weight or current fitness or even your age!

So join us for a FREE gym pass here, and you can start feeling the benefits of workout out as a FitER Girl at FitER Health Club, Lister Close, Plympton very soon!

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