Hydration Matters!

Drink more water!

Literally its the weight loss mantra for every weight loss expert out there, its the go to advice on headaches, its the sure fire way to clearer skin, it is the miracle cure to anti-aging….. it seems that water is the answer!

So is there any truth in “drink more water’ and if there is how the heck can we do that when most of us struggle to get in 1L let alone the recommended 2L!

First thing’s first! 

Water is ‘water’ not just water! 

Easy right? What I mean is when it comes to hydration we are talking about the molecule H20 water! Not just the stuff out of the tap! Now water comes from the fluids that we drink, the foods that we eat that contain water and also the metabolism (or breakdown) of the foods we eat! So we get our water from a variety of sources!

So where has this 2L number come from and does it really matter?

Well the short answer is YES, yes it does! We LOSE WATER all the time, we can lose around 400ml of water a day from our skin alone whilst regulating our temperature, plus maybe another 300-500ml in breathing, then theres a few hundred ml from having a poop! Don’t forget you also lose water when we exercise even more and in some people this can be as much as 1000ml or more for some!

So this 2L for women and 2.5L figure for men is actually based on many many studies into how much fluid the body loses per day and how much we need to maintain a level of homeostasis or balance!

So why does it matter?

Hydration is everything! Water is a solvent as well as a solute so minerals and solutes dissolve in water, reactions are carried out in water, water is critical for the transportation of nutrients and even waste products around the body, it is critical for metabolism, for repairing the body, for lubricating the joints and acting as a shock absorber for the abuse we put our bodies through daily, it acts as a lub

ricant for bodily orifices, provides protection, its critical for cognitive function, stress response, weight loss, mental clarity, skin structure and so so so much more.

So does it matter? Yes, yes it does!

You knew that though right?

Let’s face it, most of us know that hydration is important, maybe you didn’t quite realise why it was so important and the many bodily functions it is involved in but you knew it was important. So even though we know that why is it so hard to stay hydrated?

So here are some top tips to help you EVERYDAY to keep your all important water intake nice and high

  • Eat veggies with lunch and dinner – they contain water!
  • Keep a water bottle with you and aim to top up 3-4 times a day!
  • Drink tea and coffee! Why? Because its got water in it and it tastes good, its full of antioxidants, is a nice metabolic booster and you would need to drink buckets and buckets full before it has a diuretic effect, some max at maybe 4-5 cups and keep it simple, black, a dash of milk or a splash of coconut oil – steer clear of the funky lattes!
  • Drink hot water and lemon to start your day
  • Have a glass of water before bed – your kidneys and heart will appreciate this! Maybe you will need a wee in the night but for detoxing and repairs this is a very very healthy and protective habit to have!
  • Think about foods that dehydrate! Anything crazy salty and processed, sugary drinks, energy drinks and high sugar foods, these are not going to do anything for your health so have these in moderation!


So get your hydration in peeps!

This is me and the hubby enjoying a homemade Almond and Maca shot!

Basically homemade almond milk (if you are local to the FitER Health Club pop in at 10am on 16th May 2018 for a demo on how to do this or checkout our video – making almond milk), a heap of lucuma, mana and a sprinkle of electrolyte rich himalayan salt and finished with a sprinkle of bee pollen!





Some nighttime reading for you 🙂 
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