Keep a diary to lose weight!

How to keep a Nutrition Diary

Nutrition Diaries or food diaries are a useful tool for both you and your health coach or nutritional therapist!

A health coach or therapist will use these in assessing your current eating habits against your current goals or when considering health conditions and symptoms your might be suffering and will then be informed to provide you with guidance, advice and support towards the lifestyle changes, health goals or weight loss targets you may have!

But keeping a nutrition or food diary can be so much more and can be a really effective way to assist in weight loss!

Weight loss!

When we track what goes in we can see patterns emerging, we can identify habits that are leading to undesirable results, we can see things that we maybe consider a treat or an every now and then occurrence become regular or even daily habits! This tool brings us awareness in what we eat, when we eat and also why we eat and these are often important questions that I review with my clients, the diary can reveal a lot! 

To use a diary for weight loss grab a note book or even download ours here and simply track everything! Review with your health coach, therapist or review it personally and identify things that are leading to the results you don’t want. Results like join pain, unstable blood sugars, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, stress and anxiety.

Foods that cause harm!

  • Processed foods
  • Sugar free
  • Low fat options
  • Diet junk
  • Lack of fresh veggies
  • Lack of healthy fats
  • Lack of bright coloured foods
  • Beige foods
  • Foods with sweetness
  • Foods that come in a fancy packet and claim to be healthy!!! Sometimes these are the worst!
  • Simple carbohydrates

A healthy balance

  • Lean proteins
  • Healthy Fats
  • Bright colours
  • Fibre
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Veggies

Keeping a diary is simple!

Here are our top tips!
  • If you snack it, track it!
  • If you bite it, write it!
  • Eat at kernel, it’s in the journal!
  • If you nibble, do a scribble!
  • If you drink it, ink it!
  • There’s a utensil, so where’s your pencil!
  • If you grab it, blab it!
  • If you pick it, Bic it
  • If it’s in your tum, it better be yum!
  • And because it’s a rhyme also add the time!

If you are one of our nutritional therapy clients or a member of our Health Club where we regularly review, advice and guide people to healthier eating habits we will most certainly ask you to use this really effective tool, you can download a simple one right HERE

People who track their nutritional intake are generally more successful in sticking to a new healthy eating plan and therefore more successful in creating long term, healthy habits. Because at the end of the day NO ONE should live on a constant “diet” so if we can create highly nutrition eating plans and help you to create the habits that allow you to live by those plans with ease then we are heading in the right direction to long term health!

Find a health coach

Health and lifestyle coaching are really useful tools to help you get the guidance and support that you might need to understand nutrition and its impact on your health, to free yourself from the confusion of “dieting” advice, to help you find solutions to barriers and difficulties you have with being healthy. This is something we offer to all our health club members at the FitER Health Club based in Plympton.

I also offer this service via Skype and online too so if you would like to get in touch then I would be more than happy to discuss your needs and see if I am the right person to help, if not I will help you to try and find the person you need! If you want to get in touch drop me (Suzanne) and email at and pop FAO Health Coach Suzanne in your subject line.

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