Wake me up – alternative to coffee

Alternative to Coffee!

WHAT I hear you say!

If you know me, follow me on instagram, are on any of my social media platforms you will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee! It is true I do!

I’m a Coffee-a-holic and loving the stuff!

So why on earth would I be sharing this coffee alternative with you? Well quite honesty it is yummy! I also am frequently asked for an alternative hot drink to coffee that is not herbal teas (my favourite is the Pukka variety!) and this was a question asked recently so here is my answer. This is also the coffee alternative that features in our FitERin6 programme.

Although I love coffee I try not, for the most part of my week, not to drink the good stuff after 3pm. I find that it often keeps me awake or that my sleep is restless so I transition to a good ol’ cup of tea or my other favourite drink which is a barley cup! Barley cup is often a milled combo of Rye, chicory and barley is some combo or other and I have found my absolute favourite by Whole earth so I wanted to share it with you.

Whole earth Wake up is the name and its super tasty. If you want a coffee substitute that will give you a kick then there is the guarana packed Wake Up option. There is also a caffeine free option.

You can buy Wake up at lots of super markets now but for those who love a bit of Amazon then its also available online right here.

Or get the No caf option too again in some supermarkets, most health food shops and of course that big old warehouse Amazon right here!

I love it both black and with a splash of milk and it gives me that nice fuzzy feeling I get from a cozy cuppa coffee too so its the coffee alternative of choice in the Hubble household, I tend to have a jar on the go at FitER Women’s Health Club in Plympton too.

So there you have it, my coffee alternative!


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