Keep Cool with this tiny Towel!

It is HOT HOT HOT and don’t we know it.

Keep cool whilst working out

Based on member recommendations I promised to share this fab little towel with you all to help you stay cool when the weather is super toasty or for those hot flush kind of moments!

This towel comes highly recommended by both Sarah and Mel and is the Stay Cool Ice Towel which is sported  by Mel  and the Belhvit cooling towel worn by Sarah, we all had a little test this morning and we can concur both towels are pretty effective!

You get the towel wet, ring out and then it stays cool, wear as a bandana or use as a cooling towel its really refreshing. If you want to re-cool you literally pull the ends and ‘snap’ the coolness back into the towel! WOW!

Kelsey also had a top tip for an even cooler experience was to put cold water into the bottle!

There are lots of different towels available and at a really reasonable cost, Stay cool Ice towel is the one Mel had today and what I really like is that it does come in a bottle with I think is a little easier to keep clean than a bag plus it has a clip on the handle!  So you can buy this one at this link via amazon if you want to give it a go, there is a couple already in my basket for the kids!

Sarah’s towel came in a bag which fitted nicely in her bag and is also available on amazon too. When the girls and I had a try in the club this morning both of them were soft and very cooling.

THANK YOU Sarah and Mel for sharing this amazing towel with the FitER Girls.

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