Stop dieting and start seeing opportunity!

Have you ever wondered why no diet ever seems to work for long? The diet works but then the moment you stop dieting you start to put the weight back on again and some! Join health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she talks about changing your mindset so that you can finally find the diet that works!

The problem with dieting is that sometimes its not just the way that we eat and the exercise that needs to change, we also need to make changes in our mindset too. To find the diet that works we need to change our internal maps!

Change the map!

Imagine if you will that you move to a new location.  You don’t know the area and how best to get to work.  So you take a gander at google maps and check a route out.  You try it and it seems to work. For the next 5 years you travel this same route every day until one day this route is blocked! You have to learn a whole new route! When you learn this new route you realise that your new route is easier, has less traffic lights and gets you where you want to be quicker!

Why did you not do this route sooner! What was stopping you?

5 years ago this route was not available!  You didn’t know that over time the road systems changed and improved. But now that you do know and now you have more choice! You can choose if you want to take the old route or the new one!

The diet that works comes from a change in the mind!Weight loss specialists

In this podcast Suzanne helps you to find these new routes through simple changes in your mindset.  She shows you that these new routes are simply opportunities and you can choose the new opportunity or stick with your old one. The choice is, as always, yours.


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