The Lost Stone Challenge

Join the September 2018 Challenge, the lost stone!

The FitER team have been busy, busy developing an online resource for you and we are proud this September to launch the Health and Fitness Network! To kick start the Network we invite you to join the Lost Stone Challenge!

The Health and Fitness Network offers a facebook group free for all to join. Coming very soon you will also be able to Join the Health and Fitness Network membership, this will also be free and will be a fantastic, organised space where you can dip into workouts of your choosing, locate meditations and get access to exclusive interviews and podcasts only available on the membership. And don’t forget all that goodness will be free too, so watch this space!

Coming soon the Health and Fitness Network Membership!

The Lost Stone Challenge!Lost stone

The concept is simple!

Set your self a challenge of losing 1/2 a Stone or 1 stone during the month of September and October.

Set a start date and an end date.

Follow the very simple rules and connect on social media with others doing the challenge!

When you achieve your goal you will be able to collect your very own Lost stone from the FitER Women’s Health Club in Plympton!

These poor, sad and lonely stones need a new home!

So come on, get your rocks on and get losing so you can give a stone a home!

Give a stone a home!

I’m a lost stone is a challenge that can be done by anyone, anywhere. No need to be a member at our health club!  However, our lost stones have a huge fear of the postal system! So they can only find a physical home if you come and lovingly collect your lonely stone! Unless you want to pay a bit of P&P of course!

If it is not possible for you to visit us, no problem!  Maybe you live somewhere else in the UK, New Zealand, USA or another awesome place that’s OK. We will adopt your stone on your behalf and home it with pride here at our women’s gym in Plympton!

We will send you a photo and certificate of adoption!

How to lose a stone?

So how do you join the challenge and what do I need to do?

  • The Health and Fitness Network is free for all to join and it is through this network we will be running the challenge. It is a great place to get motivations tips, tricks, guidance, advice, information, recipes, workouts and more!
  • Join the Health and Fitness Network group on Facebook. 
  • Once you have joined the group tell everyone that you are in! Let the group know that you are joining the lost stone challenge!
  • Be brave and post your GOAL along with a photo of yourself. Don’t worry you do not need to be in your pants and bra, you can be fully clothed, in your swimmers or even post ‘that photo’! If you have ‘that photo’ you will know the one that I mean! Be brave and post it!
  • Next get on board with the rules of FitER and the Lost Stone Challenge and stick to them for September (and October if that is your end date) and focus on your weight loss goal!
  • Take a look at the Rules in this video right here!



Eating Habits
  • We have a No Diet Diet book available here that provides you a simple and effective guidance to eating well, meal ideas and recipes. The No-Diet Diet book is another tool to help you follow Rule number 5! So it is completely optional as if you want to buy it!
Get online!
  • Share in the Health and Fitness Network facebook group your progress, workout selfies, meals and results.
  • Once you have hit your goal POST in the FACEBOOK group don’t forget to tag! #LostStone, #FitER #TheHealthandFitnessNetwork and Tag the admin: Suzanne Hubble (that’s me) 🙂
  • If you are a social media socialite you can also #TheHealthandFitnessNetwork and #FitER on IG. Find Chris and I on instagram at ‘fiterhubbles’ and tag away!
  • Come and collect your lost stone and certificate of adoption! Celebrate your success with us and get ready for a cheesy, social media ready photo!
  • Place your sad and lonely stone in a special place at home. Check in on it regularly as it is there as a reminder to you that you are awesome!  That when you put your mind to healthy habits the results speak loud and clear.
  • Feel pretty darn awesome!
  • Keep up with the new habits and use your stone as a simple reminder!
It really is that simple!

So are you ready to adopt a sad and lonely lost stone? Are you ready to follow the rules of FitER and make that happen?

So you know what to do, your sad and lonely stone needs to to succeed!


I Have had a few questions asked already about the challenge and the most frequent one is this!

Why are you not running the challenge through FitER Health Club or FitERin6?

Well, simply because we want more and more people to get healthier, stronger, fitter and live better quality lives.

We decided that the network was a way that we could reach more people.

If people then want to connect and become part of the club community through FitER Girls or FitERin6 for example that is fab. But for now, we needed a group that allows all the people who want our support to get access to it! So once you have joined, please do invite, add and share, share, share!

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