Gym exercise or home fitness? Which is best?

Burning calories with home fitness or gym exercise, let us take a look at the benefits of both!

Many people have barriers and worries when you mention the words ‘gym membership’ or ‘fitness class!’

I get ‘gym anxiety’ and feel too intimidated to workout in front of others…

I have to look after the kids, there is no time for myself…

What if everyone stares at me?

Everyone is more coordinated that me in classes, I wouldn’t even know what to wear!

I don’t have the time to travel to the gym to workout…

I am not as fit as others at the gym…

Common concerns we often hear from clients

Workouts do not need to be scary! They do not have to be expensive, sweaty or complex! We know exercise is VITAL for good health be it at home or in a gym!

So what are the options?

There are many reasons why a health club, like FitER, a community gym or even a personal trainer might be just what you need and want! But if you don’t, then there are lots of other options too!

Maybe a yoga workout with the other half is right up your street?

Gym exercise and home fitness can easily be combined together!

What is the NHS advice?

The NHS recommends that as adults (aged 19-64) we should get 150 minutes of exercise per week. 2 of those should be strength training.

Strength training can be easily done at home, whether your goal is to improve a health condition, to lose body fat or to build muscle.

Paddle boarding offers amazing upper body and core resistance!

You don’t need fancy equipment (you can if you want). You don’t need lots of space. All you need is to give yourself the gift of time.

Just 30 minutes in your day where you can exercise just for you.

It doesn’t need to be gruelling or over- complicated.

Does that mean I will get all muscly and need to lift heavy weights for strength training?

Absolutely not… unless you are bulking intentionally it is unlikely that you will become bulky or ‘too muscly.

“Strength training can be better described as resistance training and that resistance is what your bones, muscles and body needs!”

Says FitER Health Coach & Head Fitness Trainer Chris.
So what is strength training?

Creating resistance against your muscles!

You can lifting something which requires a reasonable effort like a bottle of water. Or simply use your body weight (no equipment required).

We’re talking basic stuff here… body weight squats, knee press ups, burpees if you really want (although who wants that?).

Take a look at this Bodyweight workout to get you started.

  • Warm Up: 1 minute jog / 30 second arm circles / 30 second hip circles /30 second squats / 10 reps of each of the following 3 times!
  • Star Jumps / knee press ups / Squats / calf raises / Wide arm press ups / Bunny hops
  • Cool down stretches
Workout in the Sunshine like Anita!

Not Everyone is ready or able to use their local gym or health club!

With this in mind we are currently in the process of building a range of online, at home fitness resources and memberships following on from the huge successes we have had with our FitERin6 programme.


Casey, Health Coach at FitER
Even a friend is a good form of resistance!

Benefits of home fitness!

  • Home fitness can be anything that gets you sweaty!
  • Anything that gets you moving!
  • It could be a brisk walk with the dog
  • Maybe a youtube workout. This quick shoulder workout from Chris for instance can be done with water bottles and a heavy bag!
  • Maybe outdoor activities like paddle boarding, hiking or biking!
  • They fit in around you, wherever you can!
  • No body is watching!
  • You can do it in the Kitchen with the other half!
  • You can do it in your PJs if you want (Yes we have done that too!)
Liza and Matt doing their FitERin6 at home workouts in the Kitchen!

Limitations of home fitness!

  • It’s easy to take a seat and not get back up again
  • Distractions, distractions, distractions!
  • No-one to keep you accountable!
  • Inconsistent if you don’t plan them in!
  • If you don’t know what your are doing, youtube can be dangerous!
  • No support and encouragement.
  • Can be hard to stay motivated.

Home fitness can mean so many different things and I personally love to combine my home fitness with gym exercise. For me that is Yoga, pilates, reformers and personal training.


Well, why would I join a gym then?

Although you don’t need a gym to workout, they can be hugely motivating and positive places to exercise.

Those who need the support of a community of people, each with common goals like: being healthier, feeling stronger, being fitter, managing illness or recovery from injury; are the people who are least likely to find a gym or fitness group!

This is because they often have fears, they have self doubt and judgement, maybe they have had a bad experience before. This makes me really sad because these are the people who we as health and fitness professionals should be supporting the most!

Suzanne; FitER Head Nutrition and Physical therapy coach, life & habit change coach.

Those who have excuses or barriers as to why you are not already exercising on a regular basis, are often the ones who find it the most difficult to commit to it alone.

Those who need support and encouragement do well in a group environment or in a well supported gym!

The sense of community, camaraderie, support and encouragement is extremely motivating! So if you resonate with any of the excuses or barriers that stop you from exercising, we highly recommend you find the right place for you!

What is the right place to work out?

Facebook stalking somewhere is a good place to find out what kind of place you are looking at! You need to feel comfortable wherever you are going to workout and facebook can tell a great story!

Maybe you are keen for clean, crisp corporation style gyms and fitness classes. Or you are drawn to community style, locally owned businesses. Each will have a very different feel to them. You want to be in a place that feels right and has the right community of people around you.

I was at a corporate gym, it had the top end equipment and personal trainers who strutted (literally) around the place. And pre-children this was the kind of place that worked for me.

But after my first child was born and my body had changed I felt uncomfortable. I felt judged and I felt like the corporate style was not me any longer. I let my membership run its yearly course but never went back! So I moved to a locally owned gym.

The equipment was older than I was! There was dust all over the place, there were big, muscle bound body builders in there and it could not have been further from corporate if it tried. I felt much better and actually worked out again. I had found a place that made me feel comfortable and that is what counted.


Take a look at our club page and see what type of feel you get from us!

It’s all about the people for us!

The Ramblers association offer local group walks, click this link and you can find walks in your local area

At our FitER health club, we have an amazing community of ladies.

Women that come to the gym for gym workouts. Who enjoy personal training sessions. Many attend group fitness classes – from yoga, MetaFit, Pilates to cheesy aerobics.

Our club is where they feel good!

Being a part of a gym, especially a friendly, community based one can motivate you to go more frequently!

Encouraging trainers and surrounding yourself with other, like-minded members increases your chances of success! Plus the friends you make really build your confidence and social wellness.

For some people, working out at home is enough, as they have the drive to push themselves in their workout. Other people thrive in a gym or group exercise environment as they are more motivated.

Personally, I like to mix up both… I LOVE working out at the gym, but if I run out of time in the day (like we all do) I’ll often opt to do a quick 30 minute workout in the garden and get some fresh air too!

It is totally down to your preference.

If you find a gym with an ethos and atmosphere where you feel comfortable and CONFIDENT, ask for a nosey around or try out a class!

Casey, FitER Health Coach

Whatever you choose; home fitness, gym exercise or a combination of both. Do something which you really enjoy! Let it fit into your daily life.

And remember regularity and consistency in exercise is where the magic happens!

Have fun!

Your FitER Health Coaches

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