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Simply save this page or print it out and give us a call to book your Free Consultation with one of our expert coaches. We will give you a call too if we don’t hear from you so keep an eye out for our number which is 01752 340044.

From all of the team at FitER Health Club we look forward to welcoming you.

Here are some of our top FAQ’s

What do I wear?

Comfortable loose clothing and trainers on your first visit if you would like to enjoy a workout.

If you’d simply like to start by having a chat and a cuppa you can wear what ever you like.

What kind of exercise will I be doing?

That’s completely up to you, when you meet with your coach you will discuss your needs, any concerns or issues may have and also what you want to achieve with regards to your health and wellbeing, your coach will then give you personalised advice about the best kind of exercise. We have gentle motorised workouts available right the way through to intense fitness classes or personal training!

Do I have to join as a member?

Of course not! We are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of as many wonderful and amazing women just like you as we can. Now if we are the right fit for you and we can help you achieve your goals then of course we will let you know of all the wonderful things you can expect from joining our community. But if we are not the right fit, it is not the right time or we think you need something different we will be honest and tell you that too!

What kind of services do you offer?

Memberships can be simple and include just our motorised circuits right through to including personal coaching, regular weigh ins, nutrition support and advice, rehab when you need it, fitness classes and all facilities.

We also offer online solutions which we know is of interest to many women.

We offer VIP habit coaching over a 6 month period for those looking for intensive, weekly support.

Personal training, Massage therapy and free health workshops, back care, seminars and plenty of social events too!