Winter Warming Yumminess!

2 delicious recipes, one mouth watering blog!

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Top tips for healthy guts!

The importance of gut health is a hot topic in scientific research right now and for good reason…! The digestive system has been linked to our overall health. Namely: our immune system, mental health, skin health, chronic inflammation, many other non-communicable diseased, energy levels and appetite [1]. Research showing that we have…

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Gym exercise or home fitness? Which is best?

Burning calories with home fitness or gym exercise, let us take a look at the benefits of both! Many people have barriers and worries when you mention the words ‘gym membership’ or ‘fitness class!’ I get ‘gym anxiety’ and feel too intimidated to workout in front of others… I have to look…

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How much FAT is in… Broccoli?

Are vegetable oils healthy or dangerous?

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The Lost Stone Challenge

Join the September 2018 Challenge, the lost stone! The FitER team have been busy, busy developing an online resource for you and we are proud this September to launch the Health and Fitness Network! To kick start the Network we invite you to join the Lost Stone Challenge! The Health and Fitness Network…

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How to manage your mind monkeys & Fill your bucket! Join FitER’s Health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she explores taming those pesky mind monkeys & the importance of filling your bucket.

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Keep Cool with this tiny Towel!

It is HOT HOT HOT and don’t we know it. Keep cool whilst working out Based on member recommendations I promised to share this fab little towel with you all to help you stay cool when the weather is super toasty or for those hot flush kind of moments! This towel comes…

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Wake me up – alternative to coffee

Alternative to Coffee! WHAT I hear you say! If you know me, follow me on instagram, are on any of my social media platforms you will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee! It is true I do! I’m a Coffee-a-holic and loving the stuff! So why on earth would I be…

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Which Diet is Best?

Which is the ‘best diet’ for me? This is a question that I am asked all the time from Nutritional therapy clients, personal coaching clients, runners right through to our health club members at the FitER Women’s Health Club in Plympton. A top question I am often asked at the FitER health…

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Keep a diary to lose weight!

How to keep a Nutrition Diary Nutrition Diaries or food diaries are a useful tool for both you and your health coach or nutritional therapist! A health coach or therapist will use these in assessing your current eating habits against your current goals or when considering health conditions and symptoms your might…

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Acai, the super amazonian berry!

Superfoods! Acai Berries At FitER we love superfoods and think that they are a fantastic and simple way of boosting nutritional health, in fact we think that superfoods are so good that we have worked with a UK manufacturer to be able to bring you an entire range of superfood supplements, you…

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Paleo Mayo for Summer BBQ’s

Making Mayonnaise is really easy and so quick that once you’ve done it once you will wonder why you ever bought it from the store! The ingredient list is really simple, the method is quick and the kit you need is minimal! When you combine all of those things you can not…

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Hydration Matters!

Drink more water! Literally its the weight loss mantra for every weight loss expert out there, its the go to advice on headaches, its the sure fire way to clearer skin, it is the miracle cure to anti-aging….. it seems that water is the answer! So is there any truth in “drink…

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How to: Make almond milk

I Love Almond Milk Not the kind you buy at the store but the homemade, fresh and delicious kind that takes you a matter of minutes at home! Making your own almond milk is easy, just take a look at how we made almond milk in the FitER Kitchen or come along…

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How to manage back pain!

How a ladies only gym in Plympton is tackling back pain! If you suffer with back pain you know just how draining it can. There are not only physical limitations associated with the pain but for some the the constant interruptions to normal daily functions, the constant pain and discomfort, the repeated…

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The FitER Supplements Range…coming soon!

Supplements for weight loss… Supplements for digestive health… Supplements for immune support… Supplements for joint health… AND MORE…. available soon! Just take a look at some of the supplements that we will be bringing to you for better health and wellness! Keep an eye out for our supplements range shop going live…

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Sweet Potato brownies

A healthy brownie! The sweet potato is a really fantastic source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6, plus potassium, dietary fiber, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and phosphorus all nutritents that will support many bodily functions like hormone balance, glucose levels, blood cholesterol and immune function.…

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The perfect handbag snack!

Savory nuts and seeds These delicious snacks are perfect to keep on the desk, in your handbag or in a jar in the kitchen ready for when the hunger pangs hit! Be warned they can be seriously addictive! What you need: I cup of almonds, 1 cup walnuts, 1 cup pecans, 1…

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Who said you can’t exercise?

Joining the gym is not all about hot and sweaty workouts, for some the real value is staying mobile, maintaining weight, staying active with medical conditions or even maintaining independence as we gracefully age! Our unique Get Active circuit brings this highly social, effective and enjoyable option to those who would normally…

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Spinach and Grape Juice

The absolute favourite of my little people! So this simple juice has to be the number one choice for my little bubbas, they absolutely love the combination of spinach and grapes. Filled to the hills with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals this is a power house of a juice! What you need: 1…

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What’s on in February?

What’s on in February 2018? Saturday 3rd February 10am Staying mobile with Sciatica! This workshop is the perfect way for anyone who suffers with Sciatic pain to learn how to activate the glutes and strengthen these muscles to reduce Sciatic pain, learn to stretch and mobilise the pelvis and lower back. This…

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FitERin30: Beat the Winter Blues

Welcome to a new installment of the FitERin30 workouts:  Beat the Winter Blues! This fun, 30 minute workout combines high rep, light resistance training with high intensity training that will raise the heart rate and make you breathe harder, all the while causing a surge of wonderful happy chemicals called endorphins, as…

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The F-Word!

Let’s talk about the F-Word! We have a crazy obsession with our levels of body fat at times and sometimes it can over take all common sense when it comes to exercise and eating habits. Especially when the diet industry often paint dietary fats out to be the enemy. The annoying thing…

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High protein Pizza!

When it comes to Pizza my kids love it and this recipe is no exception! Eggy Pizza came about because the children wanted a Pizza, it was one of those days where the fridge was looking a little bare so the imagination needed to get creative. What you need: 2-3 eggs per…

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Hulk Eggs

Hulk Eggs Hulk eggs are a high protein, delicious, super green breakfast machine and a big favourite with the little peeps! What you need: 2-3 eggs 1 handful spinach What you do: Blend the spinach and eggs together Scramble in a medium heated pan with a little olive oil or butter Enjoy

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