Gym exercise or home fitness? Which is best?

Burning calories with home fitness or gym exercise, let us take a look at the benefits of both! Many people have barriers and worries when you mention the words ‘gym membership’ or ‘fitness class!’ I get ‘gym anxiety’ and feel too intimidated to workout in front of others… I have to look…

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The Lost Stone Challenge

Join the September 2018 Challenge, the lost stone! The FitER team have been busy, busy developing an online resource for you and we are proud this September to launch the Health and Fitness Network! To kick start the Network we invite you to join the Lost Stone Challenge! The Health and Fitness Network…

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How to manage your mind monkeys & Fill your bucket! Join FitER’s Health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she explores taming those pesky mind monkeys & the importance of filling your bucket.

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Keep Cool with this tiny Towel!

It is HOT HOT HOT and don’t we know it. Keep cool whilst working out Based on member recommendations I promised to share this fab little towel with you all to help you stay cool when the weather is super toasty or for those hot flush kind of moments! This towel comes…

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Which Diet is Best?

Which is the ‘best diet’ for me? This is a question that I am asked all the time from Nutritional therapy clients, personal coaching clients, runners right through to our health club members at the FitER Women’s Health Club in Plympton. A top question I am often asked at the FitER health…

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Keep a diary to lose weight!

How to keep a Nutrition Diary Nutrition Diaries or food diaries are a useful tool for both you and your health coach or nutritional therapist! A health coach or therapist will use these in assessing your current eating habits against your current goals or when considering health conditions and symptoms your might…

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How to manage back pain!

How a ladies only gym in Plympton is tackling back pain! If you suffer with back pain you know just how draining it can. There are not only physical limitations associated with the pain but for some the the constant interruptions to normal daily functions, the constant pain and discomfort, the repeated…

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FitERin30: Beat the Winter Blues

Welcome to a new installment of the FitERin30 workouts:  Beat the Winter Blues! This fun, 30 minute workout combines high rep, light resistance training with high intensity training that will raise the heart rate and make you breathe harder, all the while causing a surge of wonderful happy chemicals called endorphins, as…

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The F-Word!

Let’s talk about the F-Word! We have a crazy obsession with our levels of body fat at times and sometimes it can over take all common sense when it comes to exercise and eating habits. Especially when the diet industry often paint dietary fats out to be the enemy. The annoying thing…

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