Paleo Mayo for Summer BBQ’s

Making Mayonnaise is really easy and so quick that once you’ve done it once you will wonder why you ever bought it from the store! The ingredient list is really simple, the method is quick and the kit you need is minimal! When you combine all of those things you can not…

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How to: Make almond milk

I Love Almond Milk Not the kind you buy at the store but the homemade, fresh and delicious kind that takes you a matter of minutes at home! Making your own almond milk is easy, just take a look at how we made almond milk in the FitER Kitchen or come along…

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The perfect handbag snack!

Savory nuts and seeds These delicious snacks are perfect to keep on the desk, in your handbag or in a jar in the kitchen ready for when the hunger pangs hit! Be warned they can be seriously addictive! What you need: I cup of almonds, 1 cup walnuts, 1 cup pecans, 1…

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Pasta free lasagne – it’s Amazing!

“It’s Amazing” that’s how my my 3 year old describes this dish but you need to really emphasise the AaaahhhhhhhhhhmazzzzZzzZing to be more accurate. I started making pasta free lasagne about 2 years ago and have never gone back to pasta, not because I dislike pasta but because this is just way…

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