The FitER Team

Meet our amazing team of FitER Coaches!

So who’s who and what do we do?

Every member of the FitER Team brings something special.

All of our team work at the FitER Women’s Health Club, based in Plympton. The team also contribute to the excellent online resourses we give away. Blogs, podcasts, videos, workouts, recipes and more & they are integral to the creation of the online courses we create.

Here they are!

Meet our head coach Suzanne!

Suzanne is the driving force behind FitER. She is also our highly trained nutritional expert, yoga and pilates coach. With an amazing grasp of anatomy and physiology, Suzanne combines physical, nutritional and mental aspects of health & wellbeing into all that we do.

What she does

You will find her teaching Yoga and Pilates classes. Delivering 1-1 health coaching at the club and taking private life coaching, nutrition therapy and physical therapy clients too. She leads the development of our online coaching courses, is a big fan of podcasting and bringing the team together.

Shine a light

Suzanne has a strong belief and passion that we can all make a difference in our own state of health. She speaks from personal experience having developed Compartment Syndrome in 2010 and has lived with the rehabilitation process ever since.

Unfortunately the damage was extensive! While she kept both her legs (it was touch and go for a while!) the chronic pain lead to the development of Fibromyalgia.

The two conditions can be very limiting but Suzanne has a beacon of positivity. Developing her understanding, experience and knowledge in meditation, mindfulness, yoga and pilates Suzanne has become expert in supporting others with pain, disease and illness to make the very best of life in every way that they can.

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Here’s what Suzanne has to say

“Listen to your body! It talks to us and we ignore it way too often.

Yes I do believe that movement is medicine, I do believe that what we eat can heal or harm us; but, if we fail to listen to the body we can cause real problems.

Your mind may say that you need a hard and sweaty workout but your body may in fact, need a gentle stretch and breath work!

I am particularly proud that over the years we have changed and developed our practices at FitER! We include not just the physical, but the restorative, the peaceful, the nourishing and the rehabilitating into what we deliver.

I know what it is like to look at a doughnut and put on 5lbs and understand what many of our clients feel daily. I may not be an instagram model but I hope that I am a real model! A model of life! Life has challenges, there are ups and downs. Life, work and commitments make our goals or even priorities hard. But even with all of that we all have a choice in our own health and wellbeing.

My vision is for FitER to provide support, community, guidance, inspiration and education to empower people to make these choices for themselves.

I want people to know that there is support and advice out there! That you do not have to punish yourself physically to be healthier. You do not have to consider foods as sinful. Or that in order to be healthier or lose weight you need to eat chemical filled ‘Diet’ foods. These are potentially causing you more harm than good.

I am excited about what we do everyday in our health club. I am really proud of the Supplements range we have developed and the programmes that we have. And I am really looking forward to what the future holds with our team! They are something special”

Suzanne Hubble

Chris is the FitER Head coach for all things intense! MetaFit, Kettlercise, CombatMX, Strength and Conditioning, MetaPWR, Bootcamps, weight training. If it is hot and sweaty, if it is body change, if it is strength you are looking for then as our head coach Chris is a good place to start.

Healing hands

Not only has Chris a wealth of experience in teaching a huge range of classes he is also a massage therapist and so often teams up with Suzanne and Amy in delivering rehabilitation and physical therapy.

At FitER we see many people with muscular-skeletal problems and a combination approach is a fantastic form of treatment. Combining massage, personalised strength and rehabilitation programmes with Pilates focused physical therapy clients can see remarkable improvements on what had previously been limiting and painful conditions.

What Chris does

So you will find Chris teaching a huge selection of classes at FitER Health club, he also takes on Personal training clients and massage therapy clients.

Chris also works with many forces entry clients, runners and golfers to improve their performance and recovery from injury.

Like all the team he also delivers health coaching appointments to members of the health club which may include personalised gym programmes, technique training sessions and injury recovery.

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“I see people mostly at two different points in their lives. Either they have a desire to be fitter, stronger, to lose weight or to tone up. They come to classes, they may have personal training or they want gym programmes and training schedules.

The other side of the coin is often people see me because of pain! They have an injury, a problem, they are a sports person and the repetitive movements have resulted in weakness or pain in parts of the body. In this case a combination of massage therapy and physical therapy if often needed.

The thing I always encourage people to remember is that they should consider the body as a whole and not just parts. What I mean is that many injuries or problems can be avoided or reduced if people train the body holistically. Combining running with strength training and yoga for instance can reduce or even prevent calf problems, knee problems or even plantar fasciitis. Combining my high intensity classes with Suzanne and Casey’s Yoga and Pilates can really help with recovery and stress on the body.

Amy and I are both runners and we know first hand the impact on the body physically if we do not train strength and flexibility and this places us in a good position to support other runners too.

Fuelling the body correctly can aid recovery and preparation for races and events and we have plenty of nutritional expertise in our FitER team.

So I encourage people to think a little outside of the box and consider the balance of exercise and nutrition that they are getting in their lifestyle “

Chris Hubble

Casey has recently joined the FitER team and brings an excellent combination of expertise. A Psychology and nutrition graduate and recent Yoga teacher Casey is integral in the creation of many of the online courses developed by the FitER team.

Casey has a particular specialism in supporting those with eating disorders, obsessive habits around healthy eating and exercise and working with students on creating healthy eating habits.

No matter what any so called expert says about health eating or weight loss it is rarely as simple as calories in versus calories out. If it was then obesity would not be one of the leading causes of death globally! So when Suzanne and Casey bring the worlds of molecular science and biochemistry with the psychology of the mind they are creating some truly life changing online courses and the whole FitER team are really excited about the positive impact these are going to have on many people.

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Meet FitER coach Amy

Amy is the FitER rehabilitation expert and joins the team to enhance the work we do with sports people who need rehabilitation and also for those with long term conditions who are looking for relief from physical therapy.

Taking what you might do with your NHS physiotherapist Amy will work with the FitER team to create group based therapy sessions. Targeting common problems such as back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica and other musculoskeletal problems. Working closely with GPs and Physiotherapists Amy and the team aim to get you back to health as soon as possible. The FitER therapy courses will run for 6-8 weeks and will be starting summer 2019.

Not only that but Amy is a crucial contributor to the development of our sports specific online courses and training programmes. You will find Amy delivering group classes and health appointments in club in addition to the FitER therapy programmes.

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Megan has been with the company since the very beginning! She has, over the years, helped to develop FitER into that it is today. Megan has strong business administrative skills and is of significant support to Suzanne in terms of business operations.

As well as teaching classes, creating training programmes and delivering client appointments Megan cracks the whip in terms of administrative duties. There is always on person in a business who knows everyone, knows where everything is and how everything runs and operates. At FitER that is Megan!

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But that’s not the whole team….

We also have the lovely FitER Girl and Walking for Health Volunteer Jane. Jane joined Chris and Suzanne on the Ramblers Associations walking for health leader training in 2018 and delivers health walks from the FitER health Club in Plympton.

Check out the FitER Health Club facebook page to find out when Jane will be taking the next walk.

FitER Girl and Walk leader Jane O
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