Do you want to lose weight? Feel fitter and stronger? Have more self confidence and be supported in doing it? It’s time to take a look at the FitERin6 Transformation Membership!

The FitERin6 Transformation Membership may be just what you are looking for!

The FitER team have developed Scientifically backed Fitness Programmes that happen in SMALL Group Training settings that are designed to:


The FitER Community has been built over the last 6 years to be:



Unlimited Group Personal Training Programmes specially designed to Burn Fat, Boost Fitness and Support your Mental Wellness*

Hatha and Yin Yoga Classes*

A 6 week Weight Loss Nutrition Programme

Progress tracking and personalised goal setting

6 Months of online nutrition coaching and support

A team of accountability coaches here to personally support your success

FitERin6 Exclusive Supplement Discounts

A FitERin6 Supplement personally selected for you worth over £100!

Limited availability.

Taking Bookings for Jan 2020!

The FitERin6 Transformation Membership is for women who…

  • have had enough of yo-yo diets
  • want to be surrounded by other women to encourage and support
  • want to feel fitter and stronger, who want confidence and body change
  • like me, who can not resist chocolate if it is in the house and need a structured approach to nutrition that is easy to follow!
  • have KG to lose
  • who want some time for their own health, some ME TIME and time to exercise for stress relief!
  • who want the benefits to mental wellbeing that regular exercise can give!
  • with a desire to be positive, healthy and vibrant role models to their family!
  • want to teach their children to nourish their bodies and not starve themselves in the pursuit of weight loss, because we have had enough of doing that to ourselves
  • just want to have some fun and make some amazing friends whilst doing it too!


What is involved?

  • You can choose to complete FitERin6 completely online, with full support of your personal coach or can choose to boost your programme with unlimited use of the FitER Women’s Health Club classes*
  • Many of the FitER Health Club classes have been created with a unique and highly efficient group fitness structure that supports our FitERin6 programme. This means that you can choose between dozens of classes that will achieve your goals and your accountability coaches will help you to work out which ones are personally best for you.
  • You will have unlimited access to all the classes available at FitER health Club however, you will need to do a MINIMUM of 4 x 30 minute sessions per week. If you do this programme online and attend another gym your accountability coach will advise you on class selection and workout design.
  • Plus a weekly 4 minute workout to do at home 5 times per week.
  • And we want you to have one complete day free of exercise every single week!

What else is involved?

  • At the start of your 6 week programme you will have a full health MOT. This will be repeated in week 3 and week 6 and then every single month for at least your 6 month commitment.
  • In your first 6 weeks we have a nutrition plan for you to follow.
  • The recipes are easy to follow, taste great and are all approved by the FitER taste testers, aged 7 and 9!
  • Follow the plan. The workouts will get your metabolic flame burning but thats no much good if your nutrition is not right!
  • You will have an accountability coach who will touch base with you every single week. It can be face-face, whatsapp or messenger. Your coach will know your personal goals, and will be an encouraging you every step of the way. They are there to help coach you through the tough spots, they will encourage you to reflect on whats going on and find a solution to the challenges with you.
  • You have UNLIMITED access to your personal coach, not limited to 1 email a week or a computerised reply!
  • Online coaching programme to build your knowledge, confidence and empower your success now and in the future. It will help explain the changes and what is happening in your body and will boost your knowledge in health and fitness keeping you motivated.
  • There are fitness challenges on your online coaching platform too. Getting involved with these help to keep you intrinsically motivated towards your personal goals.
  • As part of your programme you will also have a supplement bundle. Our FitER Supplements are superfood based and contain no bulky junk or artificial nasties. They will nourish and energise you from the inside out and are a fantastic accompaniment to the FitERin6 programme, because your nourishment matters. Following your consultation your supplements will be selected by out nutrition therapist personally for you.
  • Of course, sometimes we have niggles that supplements can help with. Low energy, digestive discomfort, cramps, hormonal, cholesterol, sugar levels etc and so we reward our FitERin6 transformation members with a FitERin6 Supplement discount across our entire range!
  • Because health is not just short term after your 6 months you can stay on as a FitERin6 member of take up the FitER Unlimited class membership.

Join 1,739 other subscribers.

How Much does it all cost?

FitER always has and always will be about promoting and supporting women to be healthier. We work with women because we know that not every woman feels confident in a traditional gym setting! So, we have created that place where more women will feel comfortable to exercise. Women are also influencers in the home and for the children, as parents we value this influence.

To do this we:

  • DO have small class sizes!
  • we only take on a LIMITED number of FitERin6 clients at a time!
  • DO have very well trained staff and we pay them (unlike some cheaper gym options that make staff work for free as a payoff to be PTs).
  • DON’T work on the attitude of ‘get as many in for cheap as we can and if we lose some it doesn’t matter’ Unfortunately, this is a moto of many!
  • DO know each and every member because we DON’T have huge memberships.
  • ARE a family run business.
  • Are NOT corporate or an add on to another business which funds it.
  • As owners we DO, give up our time and efforts for free often to ensure our members get the right services.
  • DO focus on building a community and put every penny back into what we offer!
  • Are not the cheapest because we don’t want to offer a cheap service.

So we have 2 offers for you to get this fantastic FitERin6 experience which will save you over £300!

You can save the most and pay for your 6 months in full. Or you can choose to pay monthly.

If you choose to pay in 1 go you pay just £450 for the full 6 months or £75 a month.

Bonus supplements for anyone who pays their fee upfront.

Click Submit and one of our team will be in touch soon.


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6 Month FitERin6 Transformation Membership

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