FitERin6 is our highly sought after health programme available either online or with us at HQ at the FitER Health Club in Plympton, Devon.

Our belief is very strongly that healthy living through good food, exercise and mental wellness should be part of everyones daily living. The FitERin6 programme is a structured exercise and meal plan that will assist you in forming new and healthy habits.

Who is the FitERin6 programme for?

Men and women who:

  • want to lose weight
  • want to be fitter, stronger and leaner
  • want to have better control over their healthy eating habits
  • want to learn new and simple ways to eat healthy
  • want to address negative relationships and mindsets with regards to emotional eating, boredom eating or negative relationships with food
  • might be too busy to join a gym and want to work out before their working day starts or the flexibility of working out at home
  • want workouts that are designed to burn fat, build lean tissue and improve physical health
  • want a simple eating plan to follow
  • want a kick start to get them back on track

So what can you expect on the FitERin6 programme?
  • Weekly meal plans online via a secure portal accessible by only FitERin6 participants
  • The 8 rulesof FitERin6 that will make eating well easy
  • Simple recipes with meals suitable for the whole family
  • Daily 4 minute fat burning workouts available online
  • 3 Weekly workouts structured to bring you intense fat burning and increase metabolic rate, to build lean muscle tissues, strengthen the bones, joints and the whole body plus improve your cardiovascular fitness either delivered online or at HQ.
  • Weekly coaching for habit change, mindfulness and education so that you have the knowledge to make the choices that are right for you.
  • An online support group for encouragement and motivation


What happens in FitERin6?

  • Mandy lost 2 Stone in 9 weeks!
  • Belinda lost 22cm
  • in week 1 Kelly lost 6.6lb!
  • Liza and Caroline trained together across the pacific via Skype and connected via the online support group
  • Sam lost 29cm
  • Karen dropped 6% body fat in 6 weeks!
  • Caro lost 23cm all over!
  • Dani continues to incorporate FitER living into her daily routine and has yet again had to purchase new undies in a smaller size!
  • Allisons hips became 8 cm smaller in just 6 weeks!
  • Jane soared in confidence and self esteem and we created a fitness beast!
  • Jodi smashed her Personal Best in the European swim championships after completing FitERin6
  • Pippa smashed the programme online in New Zealand and completely changed her body shape.


The next 6 week programme begins on Monday the 8th January both online and onsite.

If you are joining us at HQ Classes are at 6am and/or 6.35am Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with the 3rd Saturday being an 8 am outdoor bootcamp where we invite all FitERin6 participants.

You will need to book in for a full Body Composition Analysis in advance of the start date which will take about 15 minutes and comprise of a body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone density, metabolic age, Basal metabolic rate and physical dimension measurements being taken as standard. There is also an option to have your blood glucose, cholesterol and iron levels being taken too.

Spaces online are unlimited but onsite spaces are LIMITED so we highly recommend that you book early.

Early Bird Booking Special Offers

The Online programme is amazing value at just £49 (RRP £160) and the onsite is at an amazing Early Bird offer of just £99 (RRP £235).

Plus you can opt to add in 3 health tests onsite measuring your blood glucose, cholesterol and iron levels for just £16 (RRP £30) for all 3 tests (repeated again after completion of the programme)



Booking is a 3 step process

1) CLICK HERE To Join onsite or online and gain instant access to the FitERin6 Programme and apply the following discount codes:

To get the Onsite programme for just £99: Onsite99atz

To get the online programme for just £49: Online49atz


FitERin6 Corporate Package

FitERin6 is an excellent opportunity to bring wellbeing into the workplace.

As an employer sign up your staff to the FitERin6 wellness programme and feel the benefits of healthier, fitter staff. Why not even make success a team game and encourage a level of healthy participation between departments.
Our health and wellbeing experts can discuss with you how to make healthy living part of the culture in your workplace and design bespoke programmes for your company.

With online options and corporate day hire of our wellness consultants to deliver workshops to your employees, support the senior leadership teams in wellness initiatives and provide a unbiased consultancy service to assess and improve employee wellbeing with your team.

Get in touch and find out how FitERin6 ONLINE can support your corporate wellbeing programme and improve employee wellness.