Free Guest Pass to FitER women's Health Club

FitER Women's Health

We are a local, family run health club in Plympton and specialise in Women, we have created a friendly, supportive and empowering community and environment that makes us 'not just a gym'!

We are for women who want to be healthier, fitter, stronger, more confident or leaner, we are for women who want to be supported by expert coaches and not pay hundreds of pounds extra for that support, we are here for women who think that they can not exercise due to injury, pain, illness or even their current weight and fitness levels, we are here for all women who simply want to be healthier for themselves, for their children and for their families.

So try us for free, fill in the form and tell us your goals, needs and wants. One of our wonderful team will give you a call and we will find a time for you to come in and talk to us then try a workout, some classes or just stay for coffee.

If you don't want to do it alone that is OK too, share this guest pass with friends, family and loved ones and you can try us together.

P.S. Our wonderful club members are aged 16 -87! Size 8 - 26, super fit and super not, 100% natural and partly bionic, with abs and with insulation 🙂 But all 100% awesome!

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