Nutritional Therapy

-with the FitER Team

Nutritional therapy is a way of identifying nutritional deficiencies to reduce health related symptoms and find a level of personalised optimal health.

Clients who use a nutritional therapist might experience some of the following conditions:

  • allergies, intolerances, arthritis, joint pain and inflammation, anaemia, shortness of breath, chest tightness, repeat infections, poor immunity, colitis, digestive disorders, digestive discomfort or inflammation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, mental decline, dementia, diverticula, excess body fat, obesity, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, thrones syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunctions, insomnia, sleeping disturbances, IBS, mood disorders, depression, migraine, headaches, stomach pain, gout, muscle cramping, aches, PMS< menopause, insulin resistance, diabetes, slow digestive transit, constipation, UTI, thrush, indigestion, poor circulation and more!

What does nutritional therapy look like?

The first meeting:

You would engage initially in an initial consultation with your therapist who would complete a nutritional deficiency evaluation with you, during this consultation your therapist will explore your health, symptoms and habits. These appointments typically take 60 minutes.

Following your appointment your therapist will analyse your data and provide you with a nutritional identifier highlighting your nutritional needs and a basic nutritional guide which is emailed to you and provides a good foundation to make healthy change and focuses on the ‘top foods’.

The next meeting:

Your therapist will also create a more in-depth diet plan for you based specifically on the needs you presented. This will be shared with you at the next follow up appointment and typically takes place within 1  weeks of your first appointment.  You will also be provided with a list or adversaries, anti-nutrients and promotor foods relevant to the essential nutrient and antioxidants you body needs. These details will be fully explained and you will leave the appointment with a clear guide on the foods that will promote your health and those which will emphasise the absorption of your key nutrients but also have a good understanding of the foods that counteract your nutritional absorption and therefore which foods to avoid.

During your second appointment your therapist will work with you on creating a shopping list and discuss how you can incorporate your personal food recommendations into your diet creating action points to guide you.

Future follow up appointments:

Once you are fully armed with the information from your first 2 appointments your therapist will have asked you to work with a symptom and food journal, this will be reviewed and a mindful focus on listening to the story your body is telling you will drive the appointments. It is recommended that your first follow up is made 2 weeks after you have started your nutritional therapy plan.

Symptom reassessment and coaching support is then scheduled as deemed appropriate to the individual. Typically at 2-3 month intervals.

Optional Habit and accountability coaching:

We do however appreciate that making nutritional changes no matter how vital and important they are to your health can be challenging and so our nutritional therapists are also qualified weight management and health coaches who can incorporate regular weekly/2 weekly appointments with you to assist creating new habits, setting achievable actions, providing guidance and for those looking for weight loss as an outcome can assist in setting lifestyle habits with you to achieve these goals.

How much does nutritional therapy cost?

Initial consultation, analysis and ‘top foods guide’ £45

Follow up appointment including adversaries, promotors and anti-nutrient lists, symptom analysis journals, health improvement reviews and personalise habit coaching £32

Supplements: your nutritional therapist will give you advice and support regarding any recommended supplements from the FitER range. These are not a compulsory part of nutritional therapy but we certainly see the value and benefits of using food grade, natural and superfood based supplements as you will find in the FitER Supplements range.

When can I book in for Nutritional Therapy?

If you have decided that nutritional therapy is a process for you then we would love to book you in. Our client list is limited and due to the high level of demand for our therapist we may have a waiting list at times but we endeavour to see all our clients as soon as we can.

If you complete the form below our therapist will be in touch with you soon.

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