The No-Diet Diet



The No-Diet Diet is created by our Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach Suzanne Hubble.

Bringing to you a simple, short but sweet guide to eating well. Suzanne holds off on the science and nutritional theory bringing you just the raw information!

Tasty Recipes

Each recipe comes from home cooking which follows the simple principles of FitER. After all why should cooking be complicated!

Using fresh produce you will create delicious meals in no time. Every single meal is approved first by our chief taste testers aged 6 and 8.

As Chris Hubble puts it:

“if it didn’t grow from the ground, get picked from a tree, walk, swim or fly then don’t eat it”.

This simplistic concept is a key foundation of FitER and clearly in The No-Diet Diet too!

As you follow the simple guide, you will realise that it is your regular choices that make all the difference in your results.

“It’s really obvious when you look at what Suzanne and Chris do. They teach you the real stuff and not sell you the marketing junk”

“Satay sauce! Oh man”

What is it for?

“I wanted to compile a really simple guide for the people I am already working with, that is my wonderful and amazing clients at the gym, my online clients across the world and also the people I work with on a 1-2-1 basis. Pretty much everyone has the same deep rooted question! They all want to just eat healthy! The problem is that there is so much confusion out there! I have Stripped down The No-Diet Diet to is bare bones to provide a really simple, pocket guide if you like”


The purpose of the book is really just to put it out there, clear and simple that eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated. And as for weight loss, if you change up some of your bad habits and replace them for the better choices like those in The No-Diet Diet then weight loss may well be one of the results for you!

Whether you buy The No-Diet Diet or not every single choice that you make either moves you a step closer to your goals or a step away! You want more steps forward than you do back.

If your goals are weight loss make more choices moving towards the goal. And less against it!




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