Keep Cool with this tiny Towel!

It is HOT HOT HOT and don’t we know it. Keep cool whilst working out Based on member recommendations I promised to share this fab little towel with you all to help you stay cool when the weather is super toasty or for those hot flush kind of moments! This towel comes…

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How the media targets our “Crazy Brian”

Ever wonder why you jump from diet to diet? The media play to your ‘crazy brain’ to make you spend more!

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Help me I can’t sleep!

Insomnia refers to a difficulty in achieving and/or maintaining a normal sleeping pattern. There are many reasons why people suffer with insomnia, either sleep-onset insomnia which means having trouble getting to sleep or sleep-maintenance insomnia which as the name suggests is difficulty staying asleep. The mind plays a big part in insomnia…

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Every Little Counts

Every little helps. This is the Tesco catch phrase but one that we should apply totally to our views on health and fitness. All too often if you ask anyone on a diet, going to a gym, doing a fitness class, any member of an online membership site like fitER, anyone who…

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