The Lost Stone Challenge

Join the September 2018 Challenge, the lost stone! The FitER team have been busy, busy developing an online resource for you and we are proud this September to launch the Health and Fitness Network! To kick start the Network we invite you to join the Lost Stone Challenge! The Health and Fitness Network…

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Stop dieting and start seeing opportunity!

Have you ever wondered why no diet ever seems to work for long? The diet works but then the moment you stop dieting you start to put the weight back on again and some! Join health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she talks about changing your mindset so that you can finally find the diet that…

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Happy New Year

A little note from the FitER team. We at FitER would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy new year, wish you a  healthy and happy 2018 and take a moment to say thank you to all our clients, past, present and future for your continued support. We…

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How full is your bucket?

How full is your bucket is a concept that can significantly affect your successes and failures in all walks of life! Based on half a decade of research Tim Rath and Donald Clifton created a small and concise book that utilizes a simple bucket and dipper metaphor to explain how our interactions…

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