The Lost Stone Challenge

Join the September 2018 Challenge, the lost stone! The FitER team have been busy, busy developing an online resource for you and we are proud this September to launch the Health and Fitness Network! To kick start the Network we invite you to join the Lost Stone Challenge! The Health and Fitness Network…

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How to manage your mind monkeys & Fill your bucket! Join FitER’s Health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she explores taming those pesky mind monkeys & the importance of filling your bucket.

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Stop dieting and start seeing opportunity!

Have you ever wondered why no diet ever seems to work for long? The diet works but then the moment you stop dieting you start to put the weight back on again and some! Join health & wellness coach Suzanne Hubble as she talks about changing your mindset so that you can finally find the diet that…

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Which Diet is Best?

Which is the ‘best diet’ for me? This is a question that I am asked all the time from Nutritional therapy clients, personal coaching clients, runners right through to our health club members at the FitER Women’s Health Club in Plympton. A top question I am often asked at the FitER health…

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Keep a diary to lose weight!

How to keep a Nutrition Diary Nutrition Diaries or food diaries are a useful tool for both you and your health coach or nutritional therapist! A health coach or therapist will use these in assessing your current eating habits against your current goals or when considering health conditions and symptoms your might…

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Acai, the super amazonian berry!

Superfoods! Acai Berries At FitER we love superfoods and think that they are a fantastic and simple way of boosting nutritional health, in fact we think that superfoods are so good that we have worked with a UK manufacturer to be able to bring you an entire range of superfood supplements, you…

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How to: Make almond milk

I Love Almond Milk Not the kind you buy at the store but the homemade, fresh and delicious kind that takes you a matter of minutes at home! Making your own almond milk is easy, just take a look at how we made almond milk in the FitER Kitchen or come along…

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The perfect handbag snack!

Savory nuts and seeds These delicious snacks are perfect to keep on the desk, in your handbag or in a jar in the kitchen ready for when the hunger pangs hit! Be warned they can be seriously addictive! What you need: I cup of almonds, 1 cup walnuts, 1 cup pecans, 1…

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The F-Word!

Let’s talk about the F-Word! We have a crazy obsession with our levels of body fat at times and sometimes it can over take all common sense when it comes to exercise and eating habits. Especially when the diet industry often paint dietary fats out to be the enemy. The annoying thing…

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Happy New Year

A little note from the FitER team. We at FitER would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy new year, wish you a  healthy and happy 2018 and take a moment to say thank you to all our clients, past, present and future for your continued support. We…

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How to set a New Years Resolution you will actually keep this year!

Every year Millions of us set new years resolutions but how many of will actually keep them? In fact, this Christmas a friend of mine bought me a fab calendar and the first page made me chuckle! I’ve been starting a diet on New Years Day for 5 years straight now! How…

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Coconuts about coconuts

I just love finding little gems of exciting and tasty products and I am totally in love with the products with and you will find a link in our shop. I love coconut oil, really really love it, and you know its not hard to understand why, not only is it…

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How the media targets our “Crazy Brian”

Ever wonder why you jump from diet to diet? The media play to your ‘crazy brain’ to make you spend more!

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Exciting times ahead.

Its been a busy day here at FitER HQ, recipe testing and creating in prep for the FitER Cookbook, nutritional therapy assessments and antioxidant analysis! The demand for the cookbook and personal therapy is so high right now that I am working as quick as I can. It’s really is such a…

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Top tips for weight loss

Weight loss should be easy right, eat less and move more! But that doesn’t really work, especially when you consider the body as a vessel for life, when you consider the body ad the power station of the brain or even as the only home you have! When you consider the body…

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