Izzy Hill – Back Pain

Izzy has changed her life!

WOW what a difference a year makes!

I remember the first time Izzy walked into FitER Health Club! She is a stunning and beautiful lady but underneath her face told a story of utter pain and anguish.

Every step she took literally looked like she was walking on glass!

Over the last 12 months we have worked with Izzy to help her over come a very long term situation. It has taken some 1-1, some massage, it has taken personalised adaptations and alterations. She has joined our group fitness classes, pilates and yoga.

In classes we are constantly aware and monitoring minor changes in her position and alignment, ready to pounce with an alternative, a week or adjustment.

That is one of the main advantages not just to the size of our studio but also the way that we deliver and teach our classes. Plus how well every one of us knows our members and clients.

It has been an up and down journey for Izzy and we have adjusted and adapted along with her body but if you were to see her now you would not recognise the person I had the honour of meeting 12 months ago!

Izzy your story and change is an inspiration and a beacon of hope for so many people. I am really happy for you and also very proud that you have persisted and trusted us through the pain. Let’s keep going!

Love and Light to you Izzy, Suzanne
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